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Pulses and Lentils

Kabuli Chickpeas is popularly known as Chola in India. It is a hard, beige coloured pulse. It is usually boiled or roasted before consumption. Chickpeas are often considered as one of the premium pulses in India and are widely famous in the Northern parts.
Desi chickpeas
Chickpeas growing within the Indian Subcontinent refers to desi chickpeas. The colour ranges from light to dark brown. Desi chickpeas are often split and grounded to form besan.
Yellow peas
Yellow Peas also named as “field peas”, that are implied to be utilised dried preferably consumed fresh. The seed coat of the yellow peas is a light yellow in colour. They seem a bit larger than green peas. However, colour vanishes when cooked.
Slit yellow dal
Yellow split lentils are Mung beans that have been peeled and splintered. Split Yellow Dal is referred as Dal in India. However, Split Yellow Dal are like Yellow split peas though they are different also. For Instance, split yellow dal has distinguished varieties of beans completely.
Urad dal chilka
Urad dal Chilka, too known as black matpe with skin split or split black gram is a dal that has been cleaved with an outside layer with black intact skin. Split black gram with clear creamy white inside is simpler to prepare in contrast to whole urad pulse.
Urad dal whole
Urad Dal or Urad Dal Whole are the black seeds of the nitrogen-fixing plant also known as Vigna Mungo. The cultivation of Urad Dal is performed mainly in India and to create an Indian soup also known as ‘Dal’. India is the vital producer and consumer of Urad Dal.