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About Hossil GroupWe Plow, We Harvest, We Globalize.

Hossil Group is the breath of fresh air among the age-old spice and pulses empire well-established worldwide. Our tagline: ‘We Plough, We Harvest, We Globalise’ is the perfect way to define our business. With this, we tend to guarantee and satisfy the consumers with the authenticity and purity of our products.

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Hossil GroupWhat We Do

Our enormous venerable experience in this industry has portrayed our excellence in the global market. This excellence of ours derives from the conviction we have in our products as the entire process is taken care by our profound qualified team which pursues quality control as per international standards. The quality of our products is guaranteed as our processes are based on amalgamation of ancient techniques and modern standards. This process instigates with the seeds selection procedure, to utilization of organic farming taking the utmost care of the crops which eventually produces quality by-products which we further process in our modernized equipped manufacturing units under specialized supervision of experts which results in the final merit product.

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Hossil GroupProducts You Will Love


We Indians love our spices. And we at Hossil Group love to provide you with the best quality spices. With a wide range of spice products like cloves, cinnamon, star anise, poppy seeds, fenugreek seeds, turmeric fingers, fennel seeds, black and white peppers, etc. we try to cover all the spices you require.

Spices Powders

Indian food is known as the most colourful and flavorful food. While the chef has immense contribution to it, spice powders are the real dealmakers. While the turmeric powder and red chilli powder give a beautiful colour to the food, clove, cinnamon, coriander, and garlic powder add to the irresistible flavor and aroma of the food. 


Tea and Coffee come under our staple diet in our everyday lives. We love to drink these, so we must drink them right. With the increasing awareness, people are worrisome about the side effects of these drinks.

Pulses & Lentils

How many times a day do we eat pulses? Chana dal, Tur dal, Kidney Beans, Green Moong dal, and our favorite – Desi chickpeas, kidney beans are an integral part of our Indian diet. Pulses are one of the few sources of protein for many vegetarians so we must eat them right. 

Cereals and Grains

Cereals and Grains add to the major portion of our daily food intake. It is advisable to pick the right cereals and grains for your kitchen. We provide 100% organic and natural grains, hand-picked only for you. The cereals and grains are unprocessed and come to you, straight from the farms.

Oil seeds and Nuts

Every day essential is oil. We use oil in everything in every food. Either it can be low oil food or an oily food. It is always needed to cook tasty food. We deal in Oil as well as nuts, dry fruites of high quality. Check our range of products

Cattle feed

Feeding grass to the cattle in the name of cattle feed is very wrong. Cattle feed is a mixture of different types of healthy ingredients that helps in the proper functioning of the body. Correct nutrition in cattle leads to better health of the cattle. Furthermore, it helps them in producing nutritious dairy products


We offer various other products likes salt, Jaggery, Fryums, Golden Raisins, Papads, rock salt & many more other products. 

Make something tasty with 100% Organic Products

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