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Cattle feed

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This meal is considered as the most important, as it is a significant protein source for the livestock. It is the by-product received after soyabean oil extraction. It is known for its high crude protein content. It ranges between 47%-49% protein with 3% of fiber. It represents two-thirds of the total world output of protein feedstuff.
rape seed meal
It is known as the canola meal in North America. Rapeseed meal is the extracted by-product of rapeseed oil. The production of rapeseed meal comes second to soyabean meal worldwide. It contains approximately 40% of protein. It also has around 12% of fiber present as well.
guar meal
Guar Meal is made by combining germ fraction and hull fraction after the extraction of guar seed. It is the highest known protein source containing 35%-50% crude protein. This makes it the most likable cattle feed as a protein source.It has a great amino acid profile and is rich in vitamins and minerals as well.
maize bran (1)
Maize bran is sold for cattle feed as a mixture of bran fraction and other by-products. It is a major supplement for cattle feed. It can fully replace maize in limits without affecting the milk quality. It contains 15% fiber but is low in energy. It is high in starch content as well.
Maize oil cake
It is considered as a very high nutrition meal for the cattle. It provides the cattle with the required amounts of fats and proteins daily. It has a lot of calcium, dietary fiber, etc. It is made by extracting germs of corn. It further enhances the growth of the cattle and enhances the milk fat percentage as well.
paddy straws
These refer to the by-products of rice at harvest. It can be used as about 50% of the ration for the cows. It has a low nutritional value, so it should be used as a replacement for forage only. It has potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. in very low amounts.