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Spice Powder

The turmeric powder is highly used in cooking meals and giving a distinctive colour to the food. It has medicinal as well as cosmetic properties. Turmeric powder is popularly used as a home remedy in Indian households to treat medicinal as well as beauty problems.
Red chilli powder (1)
We Indians love our food spicy and red, all thanks to the red chilli powder. The red chilli powder is the grounded form of dried red chillies. The intense red colour speaks about the rich quality of the spice and also its taste.
Cumin powder
Cumin powder is the grounder form of cumin seeds. It is one of the many spices used to make garam masala. The powder is an integral part of the seasonings and curry powder, enhancing the overall taste of the food.
black pepper powder
Black pepper powder is a versatile spice used as a seasoning over fruits, vegetables and even sandwiches. The spicy yet subtle taste of the powder is intriguing and good to consume. It is one of the highly aromatic spices.
Coriander powder
Coriander powder is the grounded form of coriander seeds. It is the most useful way of utilising the coriander spice. The powder has a citrus taste when crushed. It is used to make garam masala and is a staple powder for Indian homes.
Cinnamon powder
Cinnamon powder is also known as dalchini powder. It is a delicious spice and is used in almost every cooked meal to enhance the flavour and taste. Apart from being tasty, they are considered to be the healthiest spice as well. The powder helps in reducing heart risks and blood sugar levels.