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Hossil Group - We Plow, We Harvest, We GLobalize.


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About HossilBy the people , For the people

Hossil is an agro based organization functioning with a distinctive philosophy which aims at rendering superlative nutritious agro products towards the betterment of human race. We cater age old authentic experience in form of commodities like Spices, Pulses, Food grains, etc. Asia is called the “Green Blanket” of the world and that’s where we come from.

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Hossil Group
We Plow, We Harvest, We Globalize

Hossil GroupMission, Vision & Values

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Alex BeliniFounder & owner
Jonathan OkendoWinery Master
Ann MillerFarmer
Alen CooperMechanic

About Founder

Dr. Hidayat  is an impeccable personality, who hardly needs an introduction as he walks into the room. Dr.Hidayat was born and brought up in India. He is a doctor. It is this spirit of a doctor that makes him want to go up and beyond to promote the good health of the people. 

Dr. Hidayat started on his entrepreneurial journey while working with a doctors in Maharashtra. Who would have thought that a medical practitioner would become the owner of successful businesses! It was Dr. Hidayat Khan’s hidden business acumen that made him invest in a loss-making business.  With years of hard work, persistence, and belief, the loss-making business is now profitable and helps in saving thousands of lives every year. As we know, success makes us want more. But for Dr. Hidayat  it was different. After being able to save lives and help people, they want to help increase, now success only follows. Dr. Hidayat  envisions to start promoting good health at the very low stage of the pyramid: by feeding people rights.

With the increasing frauds in the spices and pulses industry, Dr. Hidayat rises to provide spices and pulses:

  • Free from pesticides
  • No-adulteration
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from polishes
  • Free from external medicine and boosters
  • Non GMO

Where else do we find such huge commitments made by a business? It is the risk-taking, honesty and accountable personality of Dr. Hidayat  that enables him to make such commitments. Commitments that will come true. 

From theFounderIt is the quality of the product that outshines everything and anything.

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