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beverages Coffee
The number of coffee lovers is increasing day by day. We provide the best coffee beans grown in southern India for all those who love to ground their coffee beans at home. The taste of freshly grounded coffee beans is exotic as well as refreshing.
vanilla beans
The production of vanilla beans is increasing by the day. South Indian states have been trying to produce the beans since the 1990s and were successful at it. The beans are very creamy, aromatic and sweet and give a woody taste as well.
Hossil - Filter Coffee
Filter coffee is widely popular in south India. It is considered to be the best type of coffee and is enjoyed by many. The coffee beans are finely roasted and grounded into powder for further use. It is much more fresh and refreshing than instant coffee powders.
tea powder
Indians love their tea. It is popularly said that any matter or problem can be resolved over a cup of hot tea. We extract the fine tea leaves from the tea gardens of north-east and south India to form the tea powder.
tea masala
Tea masala is prepared using a combination of spices. The powder is prepared by mixing cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, clove powder, tulsi extracts, ginger powder and many other spice powders with tea powder. The masala chai is very tasty to consume and has health benefits as well.