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Soya wadi
Soya Wadi or Soya Chunks are formed using soy flour that has been fiberatted or the oil is being removed. Soya wadi are the outgrowth left after soya bean oil taken out and left with a rough texture. They are popularly known as Vegan meat.
hey are also known as Far-Far or bobby. An Indian snack food consists essentially of potato starch and tinted sago. Far-Far puffs also consist of tapioca and wheat flour. They puff up when fried in the hot oil. They can be consumed as a snack or side meal.
Dailya is smashed wheat or split wheat or grain product made by grinding whole raw wheat grains crudely. When smashed wheat is cooked, it has a jovial, warm aroma and an enjoyable, rough taste. Dailya is a bit chewy.
urad papad
Urad Papad consists of minerals and vitamins. It assists to keep healthy skin and hair. Urad papad lessens skin infuriation, and lofty iron content. That helps in increasing circulation of oxygen in the whole body for bright and dazzling skin. Even helps in lessen sunburn, tan and acne.
It is a traditional cane sugar devour in the subcontinent of India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Jaggery is a vigorous product of juice received by cane. Jaggery is frequently dated or palm-depleted without severance of the glucose and crystal. Though it can differ from golden brown to dark brown.
Madras papad
A crunchy and very flavoursome snack, this papad is utilised both as starters and side dish with your meal. Madras Papad gives an extra punch of flavours to your meal. A madras papad has a proper mixture of urad dal, rice flour, and salt.