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Production Category: Spices

Bay leaf

Bay leaf

the bay leaf is an aromatic leaf. It is used in the process of cooking in dried or ground form. These are used in dishes like biryani and as the garam masala ingredient.
These are added to soups, curries, etc., as whole leaves to enhance the flavour of the food.

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Hossil - Fennel Seeds


Fennel is a yellow flower herb. The dried seeds of the funnel are used in food. They can be made into oil and be used as a medicine. Fennel has an anise-like taste.

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Hossil - Mint Patta Dry

Mint patta

Mint Patta is a spice used in many Indian dishes. These leaves can be made into a tea for treating colds and helping with digestion. Mint Patta is also used in several cocktails.

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Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds

These seeds are majorly used in cuisines, mainly in Europe and Asia. People use these for diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. These taste similar to maple syrup and are both used as food and medicine.

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Fenugreek leaves

These have been a common ingredient in Indian cuisine since ancient times. These are mainly used in the preparation of curries etc.
These leaves are a dietary supplement as well. Its powdered form is made into capsules, teas, etc., in many countries.

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poppy seeds (1)

Poppy seeds

Poppy seed is obtained from the opium poppy. They are shaped like tiny, kidney-shaped seeds. Poppy seeds get used, especially in pastry and bread.
For korma(Indian dish) preparation, poppy seeds are ground into a paste and then used.

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Mace is a spice made from the red covering of the nutmeg seed. It has a more delicate flavour than nutmeg. Baked goods, meat, fish, and vegetables use mace. Mace has a significant role in the preservation of pickles as well.

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nutmeg (1)


Nutmeg is a seed from the evergreen tree. It has commercial use as nutmeg butter and essential oil. Indonesia is the primary producer of nutmeg.It is also used as a spice in many cultural dishes all over the world.

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mustard seeds (1)

Mustard seeds

These are the seeds of the mustard plant. They are considered an essential ingredient in many cultural dishes. Common in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, they are fried until pop. Mustard Seeds are also used in pickle recipes, more prevalent in southern India.

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white pepper

White Paper

A spice consisting of the light-colored seed of the black pepper fruit without the dark-colored pulp and skin. It is used in making cream sauces for food.

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