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Production Category: Cattle Feed

wheat bran

Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran is a common feed for livestock. It can be incorporated into mashes. It can be used in lightly dense to heavy feed mix as it is a bulky feed. It is a great source of protein, minerals, calcium, and phosphorus. It should be fed in large quantities due to its laxative effects.

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chana churi

Chana churi

While processing chana to chana dal, a wide variety of by-products are found. One of them being Chana Churi. Chana Churi is a rich source of natural protein for the cattle. Churi is also widely used for its high nutritional value. It is an overall healthy diet for the livestock.

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alfalfa hay

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay is an excellent source of minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.
It has high-quality fiber that produces slow-release energy to help maintain weight and digestion.The use has been lowered now since the cattles were facing pasture bloat. It is considered as the king of forages.

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lin seed cake

Linseed cake

Linseed cake is a known protein supplement for cattle. It is not advised in more significant amounts. It also serves as a way to ease constipation and improve digestion. It has a protein percentage of 35% and does not have enough lysine. It has a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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paddy straws

Paddy straws

These refer to the by-products of rice at harvest. It can be used as about 50% of the ration for the cows. It has a low nutritional value, so it should be used as a replacement for forage only. It has potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. in very low amounts.

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Maize oil cake

Maize oil cake

It is considered as a very high nutrition meal for the cattle. It provides the cattle with the required amounts of fats and proteins daily. It has a lot of calcium, dietary fiber, etc. It is made by extracting germs of corn. It further enhances the growth of the cattle and enhances the milk fat percentage as well.

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maize bran (1)

Maize bran

Maize bran is sold for cattle feed as a mixture of bran fraction and other by-products. It is a major supplement for cattle feed. It can fully replace maize in limits without affecting the milk quality. It contains 15% fiber but is low in energy. It is high in starch content as well.

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guar meal

Guar meal

Guar Meal is made by combining germ fraction and hull fraction after the extraction of guar seed. It is the highest known protein source containing 35%-50% crude protein. This makes it the most likable cattle feed as a protein source.It has a great amino acid profile and is rich in vitamins and minerals as well.

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rape seed meal

Rapeseed meal

It is known as the canola meal in North America.
Rapeseed meal is the extracted by-product of rapeseed oil. The production of rapeseed meal comes second to soyabean meal worldwide. It contains approximately 40% of protein. It also has around 12% of fiber present as well.

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